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Guangzhou Weicheng Paper Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Weicheng Paper Co., Ltd. is a professional wholesale paper supplier co-founded by like-minded partners.

Weicheng Paper factory located in the Pearl River Delta region Guangdong Province, with convenient transportation. Guangdong is the main production area of ​​China's paper industry.

Weicheng Paper factory has over 20 years experiences in the sectors such as color paper, Cardboard, printer paper, construction paper, special paper, etc. , including supply chain, papermaking technology, and paper products. 

Focus on developing and applying particular paper scenarios such as office paper, handmade paper, packaging paper, books, art paper, and educational training paper.

Guangzhou Weicheng Paper Co., Ltd.

Our Advantage

With decades of technical strength and the accumulation of proprietary technology, we have a complete production line and skilled production personnel, which can effectively improve production efficiency and produce high-quality paper, such as paper, paper, paper, etc. Provide customer with the best quality and the best price for wholesale paper!


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Our Product

The good functional properties of special paper make it widely used in medical, food, commercial, building material, household, electrical, information, aviation, aerospace, military, and many other industries. Special paper products are available in thousands of different paper materials, colors, and processes.

Color papers we make use different processes in the paper production process  and add various color to the wood pulp to manufacture color papers. In working and daily life, colored cardboard is widely used. It can as handmade origami, book cover, writing pad, photography background, gift cards, printing, drawing, creative production, and promotional display.

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Our Service

As a wholesale paper supplier, we provide customers with complete grammage, more diverse colors, and more process options. The wholesale paper size is mainly 215*280mm and A4, and the primarily color is white, black, blue, red, yellow, green, and orange. Products are individually packaged or multi-color mixed; they can be customized according to customer's specific size.

Weicheng Paper Factory focuses on the wholesale business of supplying paper online and offline at home and abroad, and operates the retail industry with partners. Our factory can provide OEM products for customer brands.

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Company Culture

We Constantly strengthen the sense of services, everywhere reflects the "guest-oriented" spirit of our customer service.


Uphold the "innovation and technology, high-quality products, advanced management, and strive to create value for customers, customer satisfaction is the pursuit goal of our company. hoping to cooperate with more clients for mutual development and benefits.


We sincerely welcome potential clients and old customers to contact us and establish a long-term cooperative and friendly relationship for our bright win-win future.