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Didn't find the right product?
Please provide us with your requirements and we will try our best to solve them for you.
Payment Terms?
30% deposit,balance before shipment by T/T, 100%T/T in advance
Mode of shipping?
How about the delivery time?
It is about 30-50 days after getting deposit and order detaiils.
About samples?
We provide samples free of charge, but do not include freight.
Is there any difference in the actual gram weight?
Due to the characteristics of the paper, a reasonable tolerance of ± 5g per square meter will be generated at room temperature
Is there any difference in finished product size?
There will be a reasonable tolerance of ± 1mm during product production.
Is there any difference between the color of the displayed picture and the actual object?
Due to the differences in photographing methods, monitors and human vision, there will be differences between the displayed picture color and the actual items.
Is there a difference in the number of products per package?
There will be a reasonable tolerance of ± 1 sheet during product packaging
Is there any difference in the color of each package?
Due to different production batches, the paper of the same color will have deviation.